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On this page you will find Triumph , BSA , and Norton engine numbers along with frame serial numbers. Engine numbers are usually located on the drive side of most British motorcycles below the cylinder barrel or above the primary cover on the engine case its self. Often times titles are not correct and do not reflect the “true” year. Below you will find both Triumph engine and frame numbers for Triumph unit twins from and a Triumph models list from Frame and engine numbers will be the same assuming they match as they would of when they left the factory. In , Triumph added a two-letter prefix to the actual engine number in order to indicate the month and model year – but not the actual year of manufacture.

Gibson Les Paul Triumph bass

The dating officer of the VMCC, in conjunction with researchers, machine examiners and expert knowledge of other specialists, will conduct a search based on the information provided by the applicant to establish the date of manufacture of a vehicle. There are three ways we can help you to register a historic vehicle with the DVLA. Please see this flow chart to show the different ways to register historic vehicles.

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Triumph Motorcycles use cookies on this website to provide the best experience possible. If you continue you consent to this. You may choose to change your cookie settings. Enter your VIN number below to see if there are any safety recalls for your bike. Sorry invalid VIN. Your VIN can be found in your motorcycle service handbook or on your motorcycle, on the chassis plate located in the headstock area as indicated on the diagrams above. A safety recall is a repair or replacement of a component on your motorcycle that is considered safety related.

In the case of a safety recall, owners will be contacted by way of postal letter, if your address is registered to the motorcycle in our records. You will be asked to take your motorcycle to your local or preferred dealer, where the work will be carried out free of charge. If you have outstanding safety recalls on your motorcycle, but have not received a letter from Triumph, please use the Contact Us form to get in touch. This search function relates to recall campaigns published from 1st January to date.

We require your co-operation to ensure your motorcycle is modified without delay, to ensure your maximum safety. Please contact your local or preferred dealer and book your motorcycle in for the recall work to be actioned immediately. To find your dealer, please use our Find A Dealer search.

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Commission numbers; Commission number prefix and suffix codes; Engine number prefixes; Interior trim codes; Body paint codes; Windscreen dating. The car’s.

Vintage Triumph motorcycle engine numbers are stamped into the case just below the cylinder on the primary side. Frame numbers are stamped into the frame on the headstock also on the same side. Crooked stampings and unequal depth are common. Frame numbers match the engine number after , but may not have the model designation, only the numbers. Year and model are stamped as prefix to engine number. Year stamped in engine number prefix with two figures.

For example T is a Speed Twin.

Engine & Frame Numbers

Each engine number is unique, that is to say one numbering sequence ran through all models. In other words, engine number might be a 5T, might be a 6S. In this way engine numbers progressed at a faster rate than frame numbers as lightweight models used a different frame but were included in the engine numbering sequence. A ‘C’ suffix to the engine number denotes combination sidecar , indicating a lower geared drive sprocket fitted.

Five digit engine numbers beginning with a 1 then ran until mid ’39 until numbers beginning with a 2 started in mid ‘ The sequence may have reached a 5 digit number beginning with a 3 in

Triumph motorcycle timeline, history of Triumph motorcycles from to the (​as well as the serial numbers for BSA and Norton) through a catalogue from.

Gibson bass guitars Les Paul Triumph. In the early and mid s, the Les Paul Triumph was Gibson’s flagship bass guitar, both in terms of build and electronics. Naturally it had a price to match see Gibson Triumph pricing. Design was a collaboration between Gibson and Les Paul himself. It was launched in late as a replacement to the older Les Paul bass which was available from , and like the former was produced at Gibson’s Kalamazoo plant, in Michigan, USA.

The only functional change was the addition of a Hi-Lo impedance selector switch. In an interview with Dave Pomeroy, Les explains

Triumph Dating Information

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To enable you to purchase the correct parts for your machine you will need to know the Part reference numbers. These are found in the Parts catalogue for your machine. To purchase the Parts catalogue for your machine go to Parts catalogues. The year and model were used as a prefix to the engine number From to the final digit 7, 8 or 9 was used. Engine numbers commenced at: — — — — This was followed by a number from the list below. Note: The engine number is located on the left side of the engine immediately below the cylinder barrel flange.

The number is stamped onto the raised pad. The frame number is stamped on the left side of the frame, on the front engine mounting lug. The third section is a numerical block of five figures which commence with engine number The fourth section indicates the model.

Triumph GT6

Production ran from to In early Giovanni Michelotti was commissioned by Standard-Triumph to design a GT version of their recently introduced Spitfire 4 also designed by Michelotti. Michelotti’s fastback design for the Spitfire GT4 prototype was adopted by the Triumph racing programme for the season, as it was deemed to provide an aerodynamic benefit over the standard Spitfire body shape.

Engine & Frame Numbers. Triumph & BSA Engine – Frame Number Dating System. On this page you will.

If the serial number is shown as a range xxxx-xxxx it indicates that we know the entire range of serial numbers for the given year. Usually it means we have a copy of the document in question, but it might be in the form of a later edition list. However, for the purposes of validation we have been able to confirm the source. View Auction. View Members Create An Account. To find out when your typewriter was made using the typewriters serial number, start by choosing the brand from the select box below.

Smith Harry A. Smith Blick-Bar Harry A. Smith Emerson Harry A. Smith Harris Visible Harry A.

Triumph Herald Vehicle Information

Call or Text: So, you’ve got a vintage Triumph motorcycle but you aren’t sure what year it is, or you want to identify a swap meet frame or engine along with other Triumph motorcycle parts and don’t know how to look up or decode the serial or VIN numbers? If so, the information below will be a big help. Make sure you order correct parts for your Triumph, find part numbers conversions listed with a letter prefix.

The prefix to the Triumph serial numbers conveniently identify the model of the motorcycle. Some letters designate certain features, such as:.

If you are a vehicle owner, search for recalls by your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The vehicle identification number tells you if your car is affected.

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Dating my triumph

You need to ‘click’ opposite for the items mentioned below. Were you looking for something specific on these pages? If you can’t find what you were hoping to find please e-mail to cornelius at actrix. My research has necessitated the determining of the dating codes, which changed from , and in order to verify these findings I have needed to know quite intimately the significant, and often small, changes which occured during production of each and every model.

Consequently, for a number of years I have accumulated and recorded detailed information on the various machines, which I am only too pleased to be able to pass on to other Triumph owners via the booklets referenced above. If you spot any errors or spelling mistakes on these pages, please let me know.

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Triumph motorcycle engine and frame numbers

From motorcycle tuning tips to detailed motorcycle engine repair, he can draw from a wealth of experience to help guide you to success. The answer I gave was correct, but as always, the devil is in the details. Careful attention must be paid to matching the pushrod tubes when mating different year parts.


Below is a list of website links that I found useful and informative when I was restoring my Bantam Cub. These are sources of general information and discussion. For details of suppliers go to the suppliers page. Mike has written the definative book on the Triumph Tiger Cub. The pdf extract published online includes a page on the T20B Bantam Cub complete with a photograph taken outside the factory.

The Tiger Cub Bible is essential reading for anyone considering a Cub restoration project. Mike Estall maintains the official Tiger Cub Register and can provide dating certificates for all Tiger Cubs with valid frame numbers. These dating certificates provide some interesting information and can give details such as the date the bike left the factory and the original dealer they were shipped to.

Before DVLA will register or re-register a vehicle they require documentary evidence of the vehicle’s provenance; a Cub dating certificate from Mike is accepted for this purpose. For further information and dating on all Triumph Tiger Cub and Terrier models please contact Mike Estall on mikeestall hotmail. This site is dedicated solely to Triumph Tiger Cubs and Terriers. In particular the Discussion Forum is a great source of help from a bunch of really friendly people who all share a passion for Triumph Tiger Cubs.

The forum is run by Steve Aikens who pays for all the administration and support himself so please take a few moments to use the ‘Donation’ button to help him keep it running. Published by the well-know motorbike journalist, GBC, the Cub Mag features all sorts of stories on rebuilds, riding, trials and off road Cubs, top tips and a shed load more of useful and interesting Cub stuff.

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